Remote Sensing and Networking Lab



Main Research Areas

  • Remotely Operated Aerial, Ground, and Underwater Vehicles
  • Wireless Networking and Communications
  • Real-Time Data Acquisition and Processing
  • Sensor Technologies
  • Software Radio
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Environment and Weather Monitoring

Example Projects

  • Maritime and Aerial Border Security Solutions using Remotely Operated Vehicles and Terrestrial, Marine, & Aerial WSNs
  • Tracking and Localization Solutions for Emergency Response
  • Innovative Surveillance using WSNs and Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles
  • Remote Healthcare using Body Sensor Networks
  • Intelligent and Secure Software Controlled Communication for Digital Battlefields
  • Situation Aware Infrastructure for Precision Agriculture using Unmanned Vehicles and Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Cognitive GSM Technology
  • Weather Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Environmental Computing Infrastructure for Marine and Coastal Informatics